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U.F.O - Unique. Finger. Ornaments

The award winning Unique Finger Ornaments are hand crafted in precious metals with beautifully coloured resins. Inspired by natural minerals each piece is unique. U.F.Os are available in 22 carat gold plated silver and 18 carat gold on request. 

U.F.O Bladed, Reniform and Hopper rings
U.F.O Reniform ring in orange
U.F.O Bladed ring in popping pink
U.F.O Conchoidal 2 in sea blue
U.F.O Columnar in purple
U.F.O Hopper in blue
U.F.O Conchoidal 2 in sea blue
U.F.O Conchoidal in pale pink
U.F.O Bladed in popping pink
UFO Banded Petite in Popping Pink
UFO Double Conchoidal 2 in Turquoise
UFO Double Conchoidal in Purple
UFO Columnar 2 Petite in Popping pink
UFO Banded in Royal Blue
UFO Conchoidal 3 in Emerald Green
UFO Banded in Glowing Orange
UFO Columnar 3 in Purple